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Boffo Granito Top Quality Ceramic GVT & PGVT.

Being certified by ISO-9001, CE certified Boffo Granito is the leading manufacturer of tiles in India, located in the Morbi town of Gujarat. With national and international reach, Boffo is set for future advancement in the ceramic industry, marking a whole new era of design and product excellence. Boffo is a leading manufacturer of vitrified tiles and produces 800x1600 mm & 800x800 mm . Boffo has opted for a long term policy which means to produce quality product to keep its client satisfied.


" There’s nothing you love better than tiles - the cleanliness we impart, the versatility we offer. "
We are pioneer in the use of the latest digital technology, since we collaborate actively with injection machinery companies. We are always willing to innovate.

Customer Satisfaction

"It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back. "
The marketing department of Boffo monitor the market situation regularly. The demands of the markets are studied and later turned into production, innovating, controlling their development over the course of the time and their acceptance in the market.

Easy availability of resources
Eco-friendly production
300 decors in the offer
Own know-how

Our Certificate

Boffo Granito not only offers high-quality GVT & PGVT, coming from the creativity and originality that has always distinguished Italian design, but is also committed to protecting and safeguarding human resources and the environment. This is achieved through a production approach that enhances the Italian characteristics by following projects of social responsibility supported by a “green” culture, in the belief that man and the environment are a fundamental resource that must be preserved.


Boffo Granito vision is to become a high-end manufacturer and exporter of GVT & PGVT tiles with distinctive and astonishing textures, colors, features, and sizes. Boffo Granito team of innovators and creators look forward to creatively innovate the tiling product as per the customer's pre-requisite and budget. We foresee to be the top-notch tile company providing the latest foreign textured and styled tiles to the customers.


Boffo Granito mission is to serve our customers and clients with high quality and classy tiling options and high-end customer service in a customer-friendly ambiance. We keep our team state-of-the-art with the uppermost delicacy and exactness, employing ultra-modern putting together and embossing technology by paying attention to turn out the originally designed porcelain tiles products.